Before playing Holi, do these 6 work

Before playing Holi, do these 6 work

Before playing Holi, do these 6 work. Yes, everyone at Holi wants to be drenched in its color, but before that, it is very important to know about the measures related to protecting your skin. Holi colors often have a bad effect on the skin, especially on the skin of the face, which is quite delicate.


Before playing Holi, do these 6 work | mrankush


Let’s know some tips from a famous blogger Mansi who is writing a blog on ‘Indian Beauty Blog.

Rub ice cubes

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Take some ice cubes and wrap them in a clean cotton cloth. Rub them on the face for 10 -15 minutes. It will ensure that the holes on your face are closed and all of them will not enter the chemical colors in your skin.

Apply oil on skin and hair

Oiling should not be limited to your hair only. The skin must also be protected from chemicals. Make sure you put your hair fully oil with the oil of your choice.


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For your skin, add 1 tablespoon castor oil, coconut oil, and almond oil. Put this mixture of oil on your skin as a thick layer which will act as an obstacle and will protect your skin from being affected by colors.

Do not forget to apply sunscreen

Be sure to pour waterproof sunscreen before leaving home. This will save your skin from being tan and also protect from water and colors.


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Paint the nails with paint

It is very possible that you can harm your nails while playing with colors. To preserve them, place a thick coat of nail paint on the nails and seal them with nail oil to protect their crystals.

Protect lips, neck Lip | mrankush

To keep the lips safe, do not forget to put a thick layer of petroleum jelly or vaseline on them.

For ear-neck

Ears and neck need to be protected too. So make sure you even coat them with oil or jelly. It will not allow harmful chemicals to affect your lips, neck, and ears.


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