Celebrate Holi festival by visiting these places

Happy Holi

Celebrate Holi festival by visiting these places, life will be memorable

If you want to make your Holi special and memorable this time, then you can also celebrate Holi festival by visiting these places. We are telling you the places of celebrating India’s famous 5 Holi celebrations.


Celebrate Holi festival by visiting these places | mrankush


Holi, when is Holi? You will also remember this dialogue of the super hit film ‘Sholay’. This time Holi is on 21st March and if you want Holi to be made more memorable this time, then you should visit the places where the Holy country is famous not only in the world. We are telling you about the 5 famous cities in India where going to make this festival of colors more colorful …


1. Lathmar Holi of Barsana


Barsana_Holi_Festival | mrankush


This Holi is famous all over the world. As the name suggests, it is also played from the Holi lath (sticks or sticks). This festival is celebrated in Barasana, near Mathura, with full glee. To play this Holi of Barsana, people come from many parts of India as well as from abroad. This Holi is famous because people use this along with colors to enjoy the festival here. Lathmar Holi begins with a week before the main festival of Holi. This year it will start on March 15. Next day, this celebration reaches Nandgaon. It is good to reach the rains two days before the Lathmar Holi because it will allow you to enjoy the Ladoo Holi. In this, people throw sweets (laddus) on each other. Also, the hymns of Radha-Krishna are sung.

How To Reach: There are 9 direct trains to go directly from Delhi. You can choose anyone. Apart from this, it takes 4 hours to decide the journey by bus.


2. Holi with flowers of Mathura-Vrindavan


Holi with flowers of Mathura-Vrindavan | mrankush


Like the Lathmar Holi, this Holi is popular and famous all over the world. In this, people play with flowers instead of lath. This Holi runs throughout the week and comes from around the world to play it. Its celebration begins with the Banca temple of Vrindavan. This time it will be started on March 17 by throwing flowers on each other.

How To Reach: Trains from Delhi to Mathura are available for frequent trains, which leave Mathura within one and a half to two hours. Just talk about it, you will take approximately 3.5 hours for this 183-km journey.


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3. Santiniketan, West Bengal

Holi is celebrated as a spring festival in West Bengal. It was started by renowned Bengali poet and Nobel laureate Rabindranath Tagore. It is played at Visva-Bharati University. The students here organize many unique cultural events for upcoming tourists. During this, color and Gulal are also put on the people. This festival has a special significance in Bengal culture. Let us know that this year’s program will start on March 20.


Bengali Holi | mrankush


How To Reach: If you want to celebrate the festival of Holi in West Bengal this year, then you can choose the train for it. About 8 long distance trains run from Delhi for this journey of about 1400 km.


4. Anandpur Sahib, Punjab


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If you want to celebrate the festival of Holi in Punjabi style then you can make a plan to go to Anandpur Sahib. Hola Mohalla festival was started in 1701. In this festival people of the Sikh community show many feats with wrestling, martial arts, and swords. This year, the festival will last from March 20 to 24.

How To Reach: Punjab Tourism offers a 4-day package for Holi. There are 3 trains to go directly from Delhi to Anandpur Sahib. You can make travel plans according to your time and comfort. Just talk about it, you can take advantage of several bus services of Punjab roadways for this 315 km journey.


5. Royal Holi, Udaipur


Royal Holi Udaipur | mrankush


Holi has celebrated Holi in a special way in Udaipur on the eve of Holi. This is called the royal Holi. People celebrate Holi in this festival and celebrate Holi in a royal way. During this, the royal procession is taken from the royal residence to Mane Chowk at City Palace. This procession includes horses, elephants, and royal bands.

How To Reach: For this, you can travel by train or bus (wherever you like). Talk about the train, then around 13 trains run between both the Delhi and Udaipur stations. You can choose the train according to your timing and convenience.





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