Deepika Padukone is on the Vogue Magazine Cover

Deepika Padukone is on the Vogue Magazine Cover

Deepika Padukone is seen on the US Vogue cover page. On this cover, she is seen with Avengers Star Scarlett Johansson and South Korean star Donna Bay.

Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone has appeared on the Cover page of the US edition of Vogue magazine. On this cover page, Avengers Star Scarlett Johansson and South Korean star Donna Bay are also seen with Deepika.

After one, Deepika is now making a different identity in the international market. By joining Vogue’s April edition, Deepika Padukone has successfully named herself. With the floral yellow dress and beautiful headgear, Deepika Padukone looks very beautiful


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Along with the cover, Vogue has released a video in which the actresses on the cover of the magazine are telling about the trend of their film industry. In this, Deepika Padukone also seems to be spoiling Bollywood movies.

In the video, she is telling that there is a boy in Bollywood movies, a girl is there. Both look at each other and a little bit of time runs between them. After that all of a sudden, there is a Veblen’s entry in the film, which wants to completely destroy the story of both of these.

After the tremendous success of her previous movie ‘Padmavat’, Deepika Padukone has become the first actress to give a film of 300 million in the form of a single female lead. Deepika Padukone is currently ready for her venture’s first venture, in which she is playing the role of an acid attack victim. The actress believes that this story needs to be told and has controlled its production to bring such a strong, courageous and independent female character to the fore.


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