Do you know these strange habits of this actor and actress

Do you know these strange habits of this actor and actress

Do You Know these strange habits of this actor and actress?  Yes, All of us have such a habit, we ourselves also feel awkward.


Do you know these strange habits of this actor and actress | mrankush

We accept those habits. These well-known celebrities told about their similar habits. So, let’s go Start…


@Alia Bhatt


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Eternal Sunshine 🌼

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“Everyone likes hot food, but Alia Said to that in this case, my habit is a little bit different. I do not like hot food at all. Even coffee is also cold. When the food gets cold, then I can know its taste. And who wants to eat if you want to eat without taste? ” hehehehe So Funny Naaaa…


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@Shraddha Kapoor

“I have got a habit of buying shoes. Shraddha Said to that Wherever I go, even if I do not buy anything else, but I buying a pair of shoes. You will find only the best shoes in my room. The new house I have taken has taken its official meetings and the big collection of shoes to keep the collection properly. Dad’s house is the best place to live in. ”


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@Sonam Kapoor

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Hello there…

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“I’m crazy about cleanliness. Sonam said to that You can call it OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder). I’m very passionate about cleaning my room, especially my cupboard. I do not let anyone touch my cabin From his scrutiny, I do the job of organizing him. I would like to have my bathroom cleaned and shining. Many times I myself get involved in cleansing it. Yes, one thing that I do not like at all is to have my own bed. ”


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@Soha Ali Khan

“I do not know why, whenever I climb the plane, I start feeling that this is my last trip. Soha said to that That’s why every time I climb into the plane, I definitely call Kunal. If I had a fight with them then I would talk to the front. Let me say sorry. Now I have got this habit, Kunal too. They also make sure to talk to me before takeoff of every flight. ”


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@Sidharth Malhotra

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“My eating habit is not a little bit, it’s a bit weird. Siddharth said to that Well, I got it from my mother. My mother likes to eat pickle with Gulab Jamun. Because of them, I also enjoy Gulab Jamun with a pickle. I find the taste of this weird mail exquisite. When I get upset, I feel good because of my eating habit. My other favorite, but there are strange combinations – chocolate mousse with bread and rice with ice cream! ”


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