Fitness tips in the rainy season

Exercise is essential for Fitness

Some Fitness tips in this Rainy Season

It is said that exercise is necessary for fitness so In this rainy season, we have brought you some fitness tips that you can do while staying indoors. It has been seen many times that in the rainy seasons, we often get lazy and do not pay attention to our fitness because in the rainy season we can not go out and exercise or yoga. We are afraid that after coming out in this rainy season, we will not get wet.


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Staying fit is very important to us. Nowadays there is also a session of Yoga in the gym. Everyone wants to stay fit, but due to rain, exercising is a hindrance. Because of this, the body does not fit and the body shape starts to worsen. However, doing some exercises at home can be healthy. Nor will you be afraid to get wet in the rain and you will be able to do daily exercise with this tips. So let’s start the Fitness Tips for the Rainy season.

  • Surya Namaskar, Pranayam can be done at home. The Surya Namaskar control the weight and Pranayama increases the immunity of disease.
  • Acidity is high in this season, in such a way, the harmful elements get out due to the action of Kunjal.
  • If you go to the gym, do not change your gym schedule in the rain. you can use stairs in the house for better exercise, for that, at least four or five times climb and descend the stairs on the house. However, this rule applies only where the number of stairs is reduced.


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  • During the rainy season, do the work of cleaning the house, and wiping it. This is also a great way of exercising.
  • Body weight exercises such as pushups, squat such as exercise are beneficial for your muscles. And we can do it at home too.
  • While at home, lightweight exercise can be done.
  • Include grains of cow’s ghee, lentil, rice, wheat, corn, etc in your diet.
  • If your stomach is stuck then definitely add a small piece of ginger to your food.
  • Infections in the monsoon begin to increase. Yoga can be quite useful to you.


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I hope you would love to read this and you will definitely use this tips. I pray to God that all of us stay on happy and healthy.

Thank you

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