If you are going to play this Navratri Garba then definitely read these makeup tips.

Navratri Special

If you are going to play this Navratri Garba then definitely read these makeup tips.

When you are ready to make Navratri Garba in the makeup of the common opportunities and Garba in Navaratri, make a lot of difference. If you are ready to play Garba in Navaratri just like normal days, you may have to face difficulties in PANDAL while playing Garba. Let‘s know how you should do makeup when you are ready to play Garba- navratri hair style | mrankush

1. It is natural to play Navratri Garba for hours continuously, so that you will get lots of sweat, in this way your complete makeup can be spoiled by sweating. To avoid this, rub the ice cube on the face before making make-up and then make a make-up.

2. There are 5 places in some places, someplace for 9 days. If you are playing Navratri Garba then you will have to do very heavy makeup every day, then you will sweat during Garba, so differently. This can cause acne, rashes and other problems on your face. To avoid this, take your makeup before sleeping on a daily night.

3. Only washing with soap or face wash will not make the make-up. Must use make-up remover

4. Keep the different types of eyes all day during Garbes. But try to put a lipstick of dark-colored, because it will be seen in such glare.

navratri beauty bold lipistick | mrankush

5. If you have a mood for long periods of perseverance, you can make different types of shoes in hairstyles all day. With this, you will not have to handle more hair and look beautiful, so different

6. There are small arms and intend to play Navratri Garba for a while, then you can do any hairstyle.

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