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Tips for planning an International Trip

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♦ Accessing Your Money


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We all want ease and convenience when, traveling, especially when it comes to accessing our money. We also want to reduce our bank and transaction fees, the more we have to spend on travel. International transaction fees can be hefty when using the Wrong credit card and checking account cards. Considering there are people reading this from many different countries and traveling to different destinations, it is impossible for us to recommend the best cards or ways for everyone to access their money.

Look for a credit card that has:-

  • No international ATM withdrawal fees.
  • No currency conversion fees.
  • No fees on cash advances.
  • No annual fees.
  • Reward point for airlines and hotels.

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♦ PIN Number Tips

  1. Get a 4 ( four ) digit PIN number | mrankush
  2. Many ATM abroad, particularly Europe, do not accept PIN longer than four digits.
  3. If your PIN is based on letters rather than numbers, change it to numbers. Many ATM only have numbers on their keypads.
  4. ATM often don’t have a 0 button ( Zero ) or won’t accept PIN that starts with 0 ( Zero ). Go to your bank and change your pin to four digits that do not include the number zero.
  5. Know your PIN number by heart never carry it around in your wallet.


♦ Purchase Travel Insurance


Purchase Travel Insurance | mrankush


Not having travel insurance on a foreign trip ( or home) is not value the risk. Any can, will and at times goes inaccurate. If it does and we are not assured, we can be up for a lot of cash and discomfort.

If you are planning a tour, do not off these ideas. It’s an of the extremely important vacation planning ideas.

What happens when:

  • You requirement to cancel your travel sudden.
  • A natural calamity loss your position.
  • Or there may be a terrorist incident.
  • You become ailing or stricken on your journey.
  • Your baggage is stolen or missing.
  • your passport is lost somewhere.

Journey insurance is designed to cover sudden medic emergency and an incident, for example, cancel a trip, your family problem, missing or damage baggage by an airline, and another respective loss incurred while journeying.

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♦ Pack Smarttravel packing png | mrankush

Think about packing can be careful when you are planning your travel, but the good thing is that pack the minimal since you can always buy it there stimulate your children to choose and pack their own dress to assuage complain and to educate trip planning dexterity.

Choose multilateral, cozy and lax fitting cloth and natural color that can be ragged in the various blend so if something is dirty you only have to changing part of the outfits.


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