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Mulberry fruit {Morus}, there are 10-16 species of deciduous trees in Morse, a genus of flower plants in the family, which are commonly called mulberry. Morass’s classification is complex and controversial. Names of more than 150 species have been published, and although different sources can refer to different selections of acceptable names, only 10-16 are cited as acceptance by the vast majority of the vegetation authorities on general Is it Morass classification is even more complex by extensive hybridization, in which hybrids are fertile.


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Red, white and black mulberries are widely spread in North Africa, Southern Europe, the Middle East, and the Indian subcontinent, where trees and fruits are subject to territorial speech. Jam and juice are often made from this fruit.

Some information about this

The other name of mulberries are Shahtoot { शहतूत }

The scientific name of Mulberries is Morus

Mulberries tree has a height of 10-20 meter

Many types of mulberries are found on our earth:- 

Black Mulberry 
White Mulberry
Red Mulberry
Green Mulberry

Long Mulberry
Short Mulberry
High Long Mulberry
Thick Mulberry, etc…


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Black mulberries or Blackberry named Moras Nigra, a native of Southwest Asia is a species of flower plants in the Moresi family, where it has been plowed so long that its exact naturalistic range is unknown.
Energy: 43.02 Calories (per 100 g)
Protein: 1.44 g (per 100 g)
The Scientific name of black mulberries is Morus Nigra.


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Morus rubra, commonly known as red mulberries, is the native Mulberry species of Eastern and Central North America.
The Scientific name of red mulberries is Morus rubra.


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Moras alba, known as white mulberries, is a rapidly growing, small, medium-sized mulberry tree that is 10-20 meters long.
The Scientific name of white mulberries is Moras alba.

Energy is found in every per 100 grams of Mulberries:-

Energy is present in per 100 grams of Mulberry is 180 kJ (43 kcal)

0.87 percent Vitamin K is present per 100-gram Mulberries.
36.4 percent of Vitamin C is present per 100-gram Mulberries.
10-milligram Sodium is present in per 100-gram Mulberries.
0.39 gram Fat are present in per 100-gram Mulberries.
194-milligram Potassium is present in per 100-gram Mulberries.
1.44-gram Protine is present in per 100-gram Mulberries.
39-milligram Calcium is present in per 100-gram Mulberries.
1.85 milligram Iron is present in per 100-gram Mulberries.
0.12-milligram Zinc is present in per 100-gram Mulberries.
38 milligram Phosphorus is present in per 100-gram Mulberries.
18-milligram Magnesium is present in per 100-gram Mulberries.
9.8-gram Carbohydrate is present per 100-gram Mulberries.
8.1 gram sugars are present in per 100 gram Mulberries.
87.68-gram water is present in per 100-gram Mulberries.

Scientific classification of Mulberry

Kingdom: Plantae
Clade: Angiosperms
Clade: Eudicots
Clade: Rosids
Order: Rosales
Family: Moraceae
Tribe: Moreae
Genus: Morus

The soft-soft sweet-sweet mulberry is as delicious as the food, the more healthy it is. A lot of benefits of mulberries has been mentioned in Ayurvedic. It contains abundant Potassium, Vitamin A, and Phosphorus. It is such a fruit that people like it raw food. If we plant mulberry plants in the courtyard of our homes then our future generations will always be healthy with the use of mulberry fruit.

Benefits of mulberry eating are:-

  • Digestive power remains good. Beneficial in colds-cough.
  • Very useful in many problems related to uranium.
  • The risk of sunstroke loss in the summer decreases.
  • The eyesight increase.
  • Liver diseases are relieved. Also beneficial for kidneys.

Also, you know


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There are many types of mulberries, for example:- black, white, green, red…
White mulberry is cultivated to feed Silk-Worms. It is cultivated more in Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and Punjab states in India.

Its leaves are beneficial

  • By use mulberries leaves, the wound quickly fills.
  • The coating of its leaves is beneficial in itching.
  • By boiling mulberries leaves in water, gargling with that water will remove a sore throat.

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Their famous variety and produce

S-36:- Its leaves shaped like hearts. Its average yield is 15-18 thousand Kilogram per acre. High moisture and nutrients are present in the leaves.

V-1:- This kind was prepared in 1997. Its leaves are dark green oval and square. Its average yield is between 20-24 thousand kilogram per acre.

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