Some Best Outfit Ideas In Independence Day

Independence Day

Dress Up Idea’s

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Some Outfit Ideas in this Independence Day 2018

Independence Day is celebrate almost every year. One of India’s 3 national holidays, Independent Day is celebrated every year on August 15. This year 2018, it will be the 70th Independent Day of India. Hope, we will feel more special for this festival. In this festival we can wear three color dress that look like for Indian flag color. On this day we have to decorate our house, mall, office, apartment, shop, etc, with three color balloons, ribbons, and national flag.

On this day we make three colors of food, Such as a three color dessert, three color chips, etc. This three color are Saffron { Light Red }, White, and Green { Dark and Light Green } On this independence day, we heartily remember the martyrs. Well, we should always remember the martyrs, because they are not afraid to give up their lives to protect our lives and our country. If we are feeling safe in this country today, then it is only through the soldiers. This Independent day Mrankush salute every soldiers and Mrankush whole heartedly remember the martyrs.

India country is the ground of festivals, whether it be national festivals or traditionary people, both of them celebrated with the great glory. The most celebrated Independent Day is among the national festivals. Everybody on this occasion recognizes this opportunity to see the best of their patriots. On this day we adopt new tricolor clothes and tricolor style, So here we have catalogued some wonderful Indian costume ideas to choose for you. So let’s start now!


When on this Independence Day the trust will be together, so why not feel the Freedom.


With so many options we have, there are many loyal ways to feel your dress code for Independent Day. Here are some cool ideas to celebrate Independent Day in a sensible and yadgar way.

Note:- This trick is to include three colors in your wardrobe – white, saffron and green. To be pleased with this opportunity, you will be ready to mix and match just a multiple quid for your stylish look. Now, check out Western fashion this Independent Day.


#Chic & Cosy Style

If you are willing to wear Indian Tricolor then this stylish look will keep you cosy in your skin. A floral orange skirt with a floral printed white crop top, and a green scarf definitely will feel high without patriotism involved in fashion and style portions. You can see this look with white smooth wrist watch and black shoes.


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#Sporty Style

Some women like to wear casual wear on occasional dressing for opportunities. Therefore, wearing a green or saffron colorful shorts with a white tee will be the best dress for your love. You can also use green scarves, green stone neckless or green bag with saffron color shorts and white t-shirt. If can you wearing two bold color then use Green shorts with saffron tee. Now you want to look bold and sexy then use saffron color bra and white net { transparent } t-shirt with green shorts. If you do not like to wear shorts, do not worry! Simply wear pajamas with given outfit.


#Independent day party style

Party on Independent Day? We have brought this unique style for you! If you go to a party of your friend on Independence day, then this outfit idea is going to look very unique to you. Use white jacket with a recently purchased green dress and the saffron bag also used with this outfit. Use green short dress with long white wing scarves and use transparent high-heel shoes with this outfit.


#Hair Highlights

You should not go overboard when playing hair color for Independence Day. Make your hair paint slightly color like saffron, green, so that you will find a unique look. You can also try streaky Highlights which will last only one week.


#Nail Art

This is one of the best, interesting, and simple ways of showing patriotism. Do nail polish of Indian tricolor color in your nails. Try this way and make love for your country.


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#Tricolor scarves or bands:

When Indian Prime-minister Mr. Narendra Modi can use the Indian tricolor scarf around his neck, Why can not we try? While its looking awesome. If you also use tricolor hair-band, wrist band, belt or a any other tricolor materials. It will be one of the most stylish look of patriotism.


Which of the following will you try out Independence Day? Tell us in comments!


I hope you all Like this outfit Idea’s


Happy Independence Day to you all by Mrankush


Jai Hind Jai Bharat


Thank You, Have a Great Day!




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