Some outfit idea’s for Independence Day

Independence Day


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Some outfit idea’s for Independence Day

Independence Day is celebrate almost every year. One of India’s 3 national holidays, Independent Day is celebrated every year on August 15. This year 2018, it will be the 70th Independent Day of India. In this festival we can wear three color dress that look like for Indian flag color. On this day we have to decorate our house, mall, office, apartment, shop, etc, with three color balloons, ribbons, and national flag. we make also three colors of food, Such as a three color dessert, three color chips, etc. This three color are Saffron { Light Red }, White, and Green { Dark and Light Green }. Here are list of best outfit idea’s for independence day. So let’s start now,

In the first part we was talk about some best outfit Ideas in this independent day For example:-

  • Chic & Cosy Style
  • Sporty Style
  • Independent day party style
  • Hair Highlights
  • Nail Art
  • Tricolor scarves or
  • Tricolor bands etc…


# Other ways to carry patriotism on your style #

This day we adopt new tricolor clothes and tricolor style, So here we have catalogued some wonderful Indian costume ideas to choose for you. On this Independence day, there are even more ideas to look for many more stylish looks, so let’s start now.


#Tricolor Turban

Every Man can use tricolor turban, If you do not have tricolor turban then don’t we worried. Take three color saree- one saffron color, second green color and third is white color, If you do not have plain sarees, then you can use minor printed sarees. Now combine all three color sarees and make turban this. Wear this tricolor turban with white kurta and pajama. Now you are looking stylish look! This is the most famous outfit idea’s for independence day.


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#Tricolor belts

This can be used by both man and women, take any old belts and colored it with tricolor and wear this over your kurta. You are looking good with this.


#Tricolor Shoes and Slippers

This independent day use tricolor shoes. For Man, you can use tricolor button and affix it your shoes with the help of glue and you can also use tricolor shoe thread. For Women, you can use also take a three-color ribbon, make a longbow and tag it or affix to your heel-shoe like a shoes helper!


#Tricolor Saree

Take a simple white sari and wear it in a traditional way. Now take 2 dupattas in orange and green and fold them according to length and make them narrow enough to fit on your shoulder. You can also use tricolor saree and use tricolor bangles with this outfit, and also you can use blue bangles with this tricolor saree.


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# Tricolor Tikka

On this day leave the bindi and adopt traditional tikka. Man can also use it too. Take a green, saffron and white color, { but before using it, make sure that it is the color applied to the body and will not cause any allergies to you of used it.}, Now if you agree with this, then mix a water in this body color powder but mix all the three color powders separately-separately, do not mix them together. Used less water and keep it thicker and make the paste. Now make a tricolor on your forhead with this paste. Women can also used this paste and make a small tricolor tikka on your forhead. She can also used grey eye shadow with use orange lipstick in your lips.


#Tricolor necklace

Use a tricolor necklace with saree and shorts. You can also using tricolor stone necklace with the unique and beautiful white dress. You can use Tricolor Jwelleries for example:-

  • Tricolor Ear-Rings
  • Ring of Indian Flag Color
  • Necklace of tricolor
  • Wrist band,
  • Wrist Watch, etc..


# Tricolor Eye Makeup

For all beauty lover who love to makeup, here a some eye makeup idea. You can use tricolor eye lash and use tricolor eye makeup and attach tricolor glitter to this eye makeup. Its looking very qute Hope you like it.


#Tricolor Bangles

The bangles are a beautiful thing to express their love for the tricolor. Use tricolor bangles in this festival. Wear a set of saffron, white and green bangles, and distinct them properly. Really this style looking great on you


#Simple wear

Wear a simple printed tricolor tee. Its a great look and simple wearing. This outfit feel lightly and comfortable in this season.


Which of the following will you try out Independence Day? Tell us in comments!


I hope you all Like this outfit idea’s


Happy Independence Day to you all by Mrankush


Jai Hind Jai Bharat


Thank You, Have a Great Day!




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