These 6 fashion and jewelry tips will make you trendy on Diwali

Diwali Special

These 6 fashion and jewelry tips will make you trendy on Diwali

Diwali means eating the festival of lights and eating with the family. Yoube Cooler Designer Aman is telling you how you can look special on this Diwali. He says, ‘Do this something like this, do something like never before, to shine on this Diwali, something that is unique and beautiful.’ He has also given these top 6 fashion and jewelry tips for this.
1. In the festival environment, you can see dyed without heavy dressing. With ordinary accessories, you can look modern, or you can choose only one of the best ones for you, which gives you a different look. On this special occasion, you can have options like diamond or nose earrings, moon earrings, Bella, hard or pendants.
2. If your outfit is Indo-Western then you can select fusion jewelry, diamond mix, and match jewelry, new style brick and colorful stoles, Polki and Jadeau jewelry, because it will be very popular on any type of dress.
3. Add printed clothes to your clothes this time. With a plain print, digital print with a scarf or digital print Kurti, you can wear bangles, stiff or beautiful bracelet, which gives you a completely trendy and modern look.
4. In these days Plazo is the fashion of pants. It can be made beautiful and with the right top, single earrings or designer wristband, which will give you unique look on this Diwali.
5. Can choose some bold statement piece for yourself. Like an Illusion Junkie that is in your budget and a trendy look. If the Floral Print is in the trend, then choose something for yourself that will give you a look like a gorgeous look and a feminine look.
6. Focus on your outfit. Not necessarily everything is a match, so try something that is unique and very special. This time you can choose the jewelry of Rose Gold for yourself.

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