Traditional Easy and cheapless diwali decoration idea

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Traditional Easy and cheap less Diwali decoration idea

The decoration of Diwali is the result of many days of hard work and brain tension. We start thinking about what to do this time, which is the most different and attractive. If you are comfortable then read this article carefully and know what is decorated in new and artistic ways in the Diwali decoration idea.
All these decoration ideas are very easy and less expensive, which are within reach of every class. Let’s go to many types of Diwali Decoration Idea.

# Decorate with LED Light Home and Patio

It is a common practice nowadays in Diwali without decorating the LED light. But this time you decorate this LED light differently. This lamp is also available in different designs with different colors in the market for the special occasion of Diwali. It is also found in flowers, leaves, and other shapes. If you apply it inside and outside the house then it will look very beautiful in Diwali.

# Rangoli Sticker

If you do not have to make Rangoli’s beautiful design or you have a shortage of time then there is nothing to worry about. You can use the Rangoli sticker made by the market and buy it. Rangoli stickers with beautiful designs can be seen in the market with many colors. Among them, there are Lakshmi Ganesha, Kalash, Diya, Flowers, and many other designs. Put it on a nearby lamp by putting it on your worship place or door. This method will also reduce your hard work as shown in the picture and you will also get a beautiful design.

# Build in Home Designer Diyas for Diwali Decoration

If you are interested in painting and black related things, then this is a very easy task for you. You can buy the soil plane from the market and wipe it clean and clean it. Now you can create these designs with the help of your favorite oil paints or fabric paint. Apart from this, it will also help you in saving your money. Designer Diyas are found to be very expensive in the market. You can decorate these lamps at home and easily decorate them on Diwali.

# Designer candles

Everyone likes to decorate lights in different ways on Diwali. So if you like it, then with the help of clay walls you can decorate the house with the help of designer candles. These candles are available in beautiful designs with many colors in the market, along with some special scent candles which burns the surrounding atmosphere aroma.

# Diwali decoration items – Traditional Diwali Decoration Idea with Mango Leaves Toran

In the Hindu culture, it is customary to decorate a pylon made from the leaves of mango in any auspicious occasion or in a pooja etc. If you have mango leaves available then you must definitely put it at the main door of your house. This is considered auspicious on any worship or special occasion.

# Doing Artificial Arrangement Door Decoration

Apart from the leaves of mango, if you want to decorate the door of your house with flowers, it is a great way to decorate Diwali, but if you do not have enough flowers, then you can also open the doors of the house through a pylon made from artificial flowers. Can be punished They also come in special colors like natural flowers and are also beautiful in appearance.

# Modern Idea For Diwali Decoration – Beautiful Lanterns

It is impossible to imagine the illumination of light on Diwali. That is why people decorate the house by different lights and this is also the reason that the market is full of such things many days before Diwali. Earlier, the light of light was done only by lighting the soil of the soil, the modern form of it is present in the form of Modern Lantern. You can buy them from any decorative store selling equally.

# Rangoli with Rice – Different Diwali Decoration Idea

Every year, you will be decorating your home and patio with a special occasion on Diwali, why not be separated this time? This time you can make Rangoli from a new method different from traditional. As shown in the picture here, the rice grains have been used in Rangoli, painted in different colors. On seeing from a distance, it looks like a simple color, but when you come closer it looks beautiful in a slightly flowing look.

# Diwali decoration, flowers rangoli

Although the Rangoli of flowers is not a new experiment, it is a good way to decorate the house. The trend of making Rangoli with flowers is towards South India, you also make this Rangoli house on the special occasion of Diwali. If you want to make Rangoli in the floor of the house then this is a very good idea. Apart from this, this method is also used for the decoration of the edges of the wall.

# Decorate the house on Deepawali, on the water Decorative Rangoli

This is a new way in which the colors on the water are specially decorated and the rangoli is made. Due to lack of space in the cities, people also prefer this type of decoration. In this, a layer of oil is made on it by filling the water in a beautiful character. Because of oil being light with water, it fills up on the upper surface of the water and now you can make Rangoli on Dal of your favorite colors.

# Decorate with artificial flowers, every corner of the house

Artificial flowers made of materials are available in the market in many ways. Especially, these lotus flowers are kept in a glass vessel filled with water. The lotus flower of this lotus is placed in water, which looks like a natural lotus flower floating. Along with decorative things, it is also used for architecture. It can be decorated in any corner of the house which is not seen by anyone and the place is lying empty. You will see that this decoration has made that special corner of the house more beautiful than ever before.

# Bottle Light – Creative Diwali decoration Idea

If you have empty bottles of different colors which are not of any use, then this time you can use them in the decoration of Diwali. Instead of throwing this colorful bottle, it can be used artistically. Cut down the bottom portion of these bottles and burn it by filling the lid of LED light. Keep them in a queue and burn them after the evening. It looks very beautiful to see.

# Diwali Decoration Idea with waste material

Here in this picture, there is a great idea given in the Diwali Decoration Idea which you can see below. In this, a lamp holder has been made to hang on the wall by putting some clips in the clothes hanger. The help of small steel coaches has been taken to keep the lamp. It is an artistic way that can be tilted on the wall and which is also interesting to watch. These coats of steel are decorated with colorful paper, if you want, you can paint it with the help of colors.

# Decorated the house with a balloon in Diwali

If you have arranged a small party for your friends and relatives on the night of Diwali, then this decoration idea can work for you. A special place in the house for the party that takes place at night is decorated with the help of balloons, it looks a bit different from the traditional decor and is enjoyable.

# Churnni se Diwali decoration

This is an easy and very popular method in which you will not need to work a lot. If you have a large room to decorate and you have a lack of resources then you can adapt this easy way. For this, you will have to buy colorful chunari or sardine from the market. You can choose the colors according to your liking. This type of talent is available in the market for decoration.

# Diwali Decoration Idea with Paper

If you like creativity and you have a little patience then spending a little time can make you some decorative at home. You can use the paper shown in the photo to do at home. Other such applications are also easily available. You can also make a pylon made from this paper after following in step by step by following the picture.

# Fancy Lights

This time in Diwali, you want to change a lot of things in the house and want to place new and fancy things in place of it. If you are cluttering your house this time or you are buying a new chandelier then stay a bit, nowadays, instead of the traditional chandelier, fancy chandelier and fancy lights are in fashion, which is easy to walk even on low power and are more attractive. During the Diwali Decoration, you decorate the house and your rooms with the Innis fancy lights, it will look beautiful in the darkness of the night.

# Use of glass jars for use in decoration

We have already told about the use of things that are not available in the decoration. This time we are going to tell you another artistic way of spending less. In this, you can burn the lamps in the color of the glass jar or old barns. It can also be hung on a bush that can be hanged on the lentils which looks very beautiful, just be careful not to damage the tree. In the same way, you can also use small mud wings.
In this way, you have to know a lot of small ways to help you make a decoration of this Diwali with a creativity, hopefully, your friends and guests will not miss the praise of these experiments. You can give it a more beautiful look as you can with your artistic thinking. And the best part is that at home you will be able to decorate Diwali at a low cost.

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