Types of fashion style for man & woman

Types of Fashion Style for Man & Woman

Fashion is a popular style or practice, mainly in clothing, footwear, and hairstyle. Fashion is an exclusive and usually persistent craze in the style in which a person dresses. It is the newest creation of all by the textile designer. Each boy has their different taste of style. They always come up with new swaggy style and make it in trend. The business professional, the fashioners,…etc, the list is endless! But no matter what how the personalities vary, we men all love fashion. Whether you’re a jeans-and-top kind of boy or someone who loves coming up with a new style, you’re most probably always on the new lookout for yet another peak to pretty up your outfit. And no matter how many types of clothes we might have, it never seems to be enough, especially daily wear tops. Call it being a high standard, but we don’t like to repeat our clothing style when we’re going out for the day. Glad, there are so many different types of fashionable clothes that are available out there that can help in this matter! Here is some excellent style for women that are in combination with all the latest trends and new style, so go on and steer up your fashion mania with these super electrifying picks.

Fashion is a distinctive and often constant trend in the style in which a person dresses. It is the prevailing styles in behavior and the newest creations of textile designers. Fashion is something we deal with every day. Even people who say they don’t care what they wear choose clothes every morning that says a lot about them and how they feel that day. So, here we’ve rounded up some of the fashion trends which helps you to look stunning and gorgeous.

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# Sports Wear

Sport-specific clothing is worn for most sports and physical exercise, for practical, relief or safety reasons. Typical sport-specific clothes include shorts, tracksuits, T-shirts, tennis shirts and polo shirts. Sportswear is also at times worn as casual fashion clothing. Also, called as Active Wear.

Sport wear style for man
Sport wear style for woman

# Casual

Casual wear translates to style with comfort. These are clothes that won’t cause too much of a stir for trendsetters but are perfect for those everyday trips where permanence and fit are key. Relaxed dressing personifies a feeling of streetwear style.

Casual style for man
Casual style for woman

# Office Wear

In our work environment, clothing should be pressed and never wrinkly. Frayed, Dirty, or Torn, clothing is unsuitable. All suture must be finished. Any clothing that has words, terms, or pictures that may be insulting to other employees is unacceptable. In a formal business environment, the normal of dressing for men and woman is a suit, a jacket, and pants or a skirt, or a dress paired with suitable attachment.

Office wear style for man
Office wear style for woman

# Flamboyant

Flamboyant is connected with drama. This fashion style is often lopsided, fringe, exaggerated flouncing, splashy, and multi-colored. At most times, flamboyant, as one of the brightest types of fashion styles, can have outlandish prints or intense bright colors.

Flamboyant style for Man
Flamboyant style for Woman

# Classic

Classic style indicates a sense of stability and comfort. It has an innocent tailoring and clean, straight lines. The timeless classic style focuses on simple stylishness. If you have this type of fashion, you are showing simple stylishness in your cupboard. Also, called as Sophisticated Fashion.

Classic style for Man
Classic style for Woman

# Exotic

The exotic style focuses on something very uncommon and different for ordinary people. It is often mysterious and intriguing. The clothing style centers on rich colors, embroidery, mysterious patterns, prints, and mosaics.

Exotic style for Man
Exotic style for woman

# Punk

The goal of punk style is to be anti-materialistic and edgy. Punk has bright colors, leather, spandex and leopard print while pop-punk may have skater styles, band tees, skinny jeans, and wristbands.

Punk style for Man
Punk style for Woman

# Street

It is fashion that has evolved from the streets and not from runway shows or designers. It really has it’s popular in the youth culture of the new decennary. Street fashion is generally allied with youth culture and is most often seen in major urban centers. Street fashion, unlike other fashions, does not cover just one style of dressing, but it surrounds a full extent of styles.

Street style for Man
Street style for Woman

# Vintage

Vintage Style simulates the style of a previous era. Any second-hand clothing made before the 1990’s is mention to as vintage clothing and antique clothing for anything from the 1920’s and earlier. Also, called Retro Style or Retrospective Style.

Vintage style for man | mrankush
Vintage style for Man
Vintage style for woman | mrankush
Vintage style for Woman

# Rocker

Rockers wear decorated leather jackets, often adorned with patches, metal studs, pin badges and sometimes an Esso gas man trinket. Rockers do not wear baggy clothes and they opt for smaller size. Rocker style is not complete without vintage tees, ripped denim, and leather jacket.

Rocker style for Man
Rocker style for Woman

# Chic

“Chic” is often synonymous with “trendy” or “fashionable”. Chic is mainly a word that reports a person who is fashionable, but it doesn’t automatically mean that they have to wear the latest and hottest looks. People who favor this style prefer classic and stylish designs that are striking and smart.

Chic style for Man
Chic style for Woman

# Artsy

Artsy is a style for a creative thinker. The clothes an arty girl wears shows her artistic themes. Arty style averts the traditional and chooses something distinctive. People with arty style also prefer handcrafted items and actually create their own clothing and even accessories at times.

Artsy style for Man
Artsy style for Woman

# Tomboy

Not every girl is into circle skirts, embellished tops, and sky-high heels. In fact, even those who still have days when they want to unleash their inner tomboy by rocking things like suits, menswear-style trousers, buttoned-up shirts, oxfords, and extra-tailored pieces.

Tomboy style for Man
Tomboy style for Woman

# Preppy

Originally a look adopted only by prep school students in North-eastern America, the preppy trend ultimately traveled far beyond the confines of college campuses, going on to shape the collections of many iconic designers. The clothes are great to mix and match. Also, called as Prep Style.

Preppy style for Man
Preppy style for Woman

# Grunge

The grunge look is a style based on the grunge music scene – it’s comfortable, dirty, and heavily steeped in flannel. The grunge look first appeared in Seattle in the late 80s and early 90s. The main element of this style is an unkempt look, and in many cases, pieces of clothing are paired together that don’t match. The look often has a thrift store vibe, with lots of layering. Putting a grunge look together is usually cheap to do, as the whole concept revolves around inexpensive clothing and accessories. Grunge style is all about “I-don’t-care” look that includes cheap messy clothing worn in a careless way.

Grunge style for Men
Grunge style for Woman

# Bohemian

Bohemian Fashion was publicized during the 1960s and 1970s though it is possible to trace the roots back further. The gist of bohemian is focusing on free and flowy fabrics. The Bohemian style focuses on some exotic patterns and textures. Layering is also key in boho fashion. Vests, Scarves, Skirts, Jackets, and are often worn on top of each other, as is the case with the couple to the right. Also, called as Boho or Boho Chic.

Bohemian style for Man
Bohemian style for Woman

# Goth

Goth fashion is influenced by Goth subculture. This style is characterized by the dark and morbid style of dress. Common Goth style includes black lips, black hair as well as black clothes. Also, called as Gothic Fashion.

Goth style for Man
Goth style for Woman

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